Your Microbiota and their part in your good health Event as iCalendar

27 May 2017

9:30am - 1pm

Venue: The University of Auckland, Building No. 810, , City Campus

Location: 1-11 Short Street, Auckland Central

Host: University of Auckland Public Programmes

Cost: $50.00

Contact info: 0800 864 266

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The science around the gut microbiome is growing at a great rate and there is more and more evidence that the health of the gut microbiome in early life can have an impact on the development of later diseases.   

The vast numbers of microbes that colonise our human bodies are beneficial.  It is estimated there are up to two or more times the amount of microbes as there are body cells. 

The link between our microbiota and our health is the focus for a growing amount of research and new insights into a variety of health conditions.  From digestive disorders and bowel conditions, to weight gain and loss, women’s health issues, low immunity, mental health, eye conditions, and cancer, your microbiota may have quite a hand in how things turn out.

Course Outline: 

A brief overview of the human microbiome and its varieties of microbiota (bacteria, fungi and yeasts, protozoa, and parasites) – their impact on health conditions from birth to older age; why they live within us and on us; and the battle between the good guys and the bad guys.  We will also address the impact of western lifestyle and health treatments on your microbiome and learn to foster and grow our own internal garden of good health bugs.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Structure a daily healthy microbiota eating plan to create balanced immunity and improve digestive and other health disorders.
  • Discover how western lifestyle and dietary practices may affect your microbiome.
  • Develop an awareness of body health and lifestyle balance to maintain a resilient gut microbiome.

About the Presenter

Vicki Martin-MacKay, DipHSc, Registered Dietitian

Vicki is a Registered Dietitian with many years of nutritional counselling and teaching experience.  She has a private nutrition practice specialising in assisting those with challenging health conditions utilising both integrative nutrition and complementary medicine approaches.  Vicki has completed a naturopathic diploma and studied traditional Chinese medicine extensively in China and Japan.  Currently she is studying towards a Masters’ Degree in Health Sciences at the University of Auckland. Vicki strives to bring a balance of both clinical nutritional experience and evidence based study to her practice and teaching.