The power and potential of the gut microbiome Event as iCalendar

24 August 2017

5:30 - 7:30pm

Venue: Liggins Institute – Room 505-011

Location: 85 Park Road, Grafton, Auckland

Host: Liggins Institute

Cost: Free

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A ground-breaking study is underway at the Liggins Institute that might just be the simplest way to treat the obesity crisis yet. Gut bacteria taken from healthy donors - cleaned, encapsulated, and swallowed with a glass of water - could be the key to weight loss. 

The researchers behind the so-called 'Gut Bugs' trial think one treatment alone could be enough to change the course of a person's obesity, so they're trialing it in very overweight teenagers. This fascinating public lecture is your chance to hear the science behind the trial and find out just how clever your resident bacteria are.

Gut microbiome transfer (GMT) is already growing in popularity around the world as a treatment for a range of conditions.The Liggins study is one of a number of clinical trials being done in response to findings from the last decade that a less diverse gut microbiome might be linked to obesity. In animal studies, mice dramatically lost (or gained) weight after receiving bacteria from lean (or obese) mice.

We think our trial is the first in the world to study GMT in obese teenagers. 80 participants aged 14-18 will swallow capsules containing gut bacteria extracted from the faeces of four lean donors in an effort to repopulate their microbiome and potentially reverse their obesity.

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