Tapuaki Pacific Pregnancy and Parenting Programme deemed a success

07 February 2017

A study looking at the effectiveness of the Tapuaki Pacific Parenting programme has concluded that it has benefits for Pacific women.

The Tapuaki Pacific Parenting programme is an antenatal programme for Pacific women and their families designed to improve knowledge and confidence about pregnancy and parenting.

The study authors note that although Pacific people make up nearly 8% of the population, they have a poor uptake of antenatal education.

The Tapuaki programme ran in three Auckland locations between 2013 and 2014 and researchers surveyed participants and carried out focus groups.

They found that participants reported increased knowledge about:

  • pregnancy and parenting
  • being healthy during pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Safe sleep.

The participants also reported that they felt more confident about pregnancy and parenting because of the programme.The participants also valued the personal relationships formed during the course, in particular the confidence this gave them to ask questions and share personal stories.

However, the participants felt their husbands or partners not attending sessions was a barrier.

The authors say that the programme was a success, but suggest that this is largely down to the facilitators and the medical and cultural knowledge they bring.

They conclude that the women involved in the Tapuaki programme were positive and felt that there were benefits to it.

You can read the full paper reviewing the Tapuaki Pacific Pregnancy and Parenting programme here.