How does the food environment affect a mother's diet decisions? Event as iCalendar

In April 2015 Gravida and the Liggins Institute are hosting a series of public lectures by Dr Christina Vogel from the MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit (University of Southampton), and formerly of Newcastle University, Australia. 

Dr Vogel has had a long term interest in understanding what it is that makes people choose to eat the foods they do, and will be speaking on “What effect does the local food environment have on the dietary behaviours of mothers with young children?”. Her research examines the psychosocial and educational pathways between the local food environment and dietary behaviours, and has been used to identify focal points for interventions to encourage healthy choices –including environmental, social and psychological/educational.

This research has been one of many inputs used in the development of the Healthy Conversation Skills (HCS) training framework.

Dr Vogel’s insights into the dietary behaviours of mothers of young children, and what to consider about food environments when developing new interventions, will be invaluable for all maternity and child health professionals who work with families or are involved in healthy lifestyle campaigns.

We will update this website and circulate flyers and event listings as soon as the April lecture details are confirmed.